Tuesday, 1 December 2015

advent 1

At the end on November 2012 mine and Lizzie's agent went bust. To "cheer us up" she made us do an advent calendar on our blogs. And it did the trick, we were super happy by Christmas....

Since then everyone and their dog has done one. I didn't know whether to bother this year. It's one of those things where the fun goes away if you're expected to do it....and do it in a fabulous way so it's like the best thing ever, better than all the others out there.
Then I got a grip and decided no-one really gives a toss do they? It's just a bloody advent, no-one cares! No-one's even looking!

So....here we go again....day 1...


  1. Loved last year's advent, and day one for this year has one of my favorites - a penguin (maybe? - or is it a child with really long arms?), so I'll be following along.

    And your advent last year inspired me to do my own this year.

    1. Aw thanks :) It's good to do....till you're mega busy and have to stay up all night ha ha x

  2. I love your advent calendar Dawn. I was a bit exhausted after doing mine last year. So this year I will follow along and look forward to seeing your master pieces. No pressure hey! Ofcourse i may just change my mind and try something....maybe... :)

  3. Julie, I should have guest advent-ers shouldn't I?! Someone to do a few of mine when I'm regretting my decision ;)

  4. Just found your blog. You are hilarious. Oh and you colour in really well :) x