Friday, 11 December 2015

advent 11

So we put the tree up last night. We had a lovely family evening with mulled wine and Christmas music. We looked at all the old hand made decs the kids have made over the years and smiled with a warm soft glow.

Not really. The other half was still at work. The big one hid upstairs. And the little one got bored soon after we hacked the bottom branches off to get the damned thing to fit in the holder. I grappled with the tinsel whilst making tea* and chucking the ball for the dog who was bored and not at all happy with my attention being elsewhere. No-one said it looked fabulous. Indeed no-one even seemed to notice the giant pine in the corner of the room. With a wonky star on top. 
Just a typical tree trimming event then.

*tea if you're from Yorkshire and not posh/dinner everywhere else in the world.


  1. Much like us today then. Can't wait. :-)

  2. Much like us too....I bought some new lights this bright it was like being on the Xfactor !! Within an hour of the tree going up along came the floods and the days and days of power cuts and the 'strictly NO Christmas lights for a week even if the power comes back on' warning !! So Im off to get some battery lights before Xmas comes and goes lol x Love love love the cute penguin xx

  3. Love the precarious penguin! And your Christmas Tree decorating story. I mostly hate decorating ours, but like it when its up. And the worst - putting it all away.