Friday, 4 December 2015

advent 4

I'm on my way to London. On a train. Going to a design meeting. 
I say that like it's easy peasy just nipping off to London for the day on a Friday. And if you saw me you'd think 'there goes a chick who breezes off to meetings in London like all the time". You would not be aware of the military operation it has taken to get me here on A FRIDAY!  Or the list as long as my arm for them to follow while I'm away. This trip to London  means that for a kick off the rest of my family are gonna have to be responsible for dragging themselves out of bed this morning. I've had to equip the big one with a key so she can lock up cos she'll set off while the other half is walking the little one over the moor for his lift. I've had to equip the little one with a key because he'll arrive home when the other half is leaving work EARLY to pick the big one up from school. I've had to rope in my mum and dad to take the little one to scouts cos the other half can't possibly miss football on a Friday night. I've had to make the other half miss the pub after the football so he can collect the little one from scouts. Scouts isn't a simple matter either. It's non uniform night in exchange for a chocolate donation to the Christmas fair. So I've bought the chocolate and left it on a pile along with the permission slip for camp, a tenner for camp and non uniform clothes of a suitable nature so that he doesn't end up in age 6 jeans and a pyjama top. And if the big one remembers to take the ingredients for cooking that I bought in an organised manner on Monday it will be a small miracle! 
The only good thing about going to a meeting in London on a Friday is that tomorrow is Saturday and as such I will be staying in bed till at least lunchtime to recover from my 5am start today. 

Anyway... back to the's one I prepared earlier...'cos I'm dead organised like that...

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