Monday, 21 February 2011


My sister and her hubby were away on business this weekend so my mum and dad stayed at their house to look after the 3 children and 1 dog.
In a moment of generosity/misplaced enthusiasm/sheer madness on Sunday my mum said we might as well drop our 2 off as well for the night. Yippee!
We shipped them off before she changed her mind and had a super lovely night....went out for tea with no-one nagging us then we went to see The King's Speech ...and then we went to the pub where we won £13.80 in the quiz! Nice one! 
Cheers ma and pa x


  1. Well done....tried this myself but slipped up somewhere along the way and ended up being the one with all the children sleeping over !

  2. Love this picture, so sweet! Sounds like you had a lovely night out, though your poor mum sounds like she must have had her hands full! xxx

  3. time let me know and I'm sure my mum will have extras!
    Jenny....she looked exhausted when I picked up ha ha