Tuesday, 22 February 2011

trojan horse

Today we made a start on Jodie-pie's homework project.
Actually, I started on the homework project while Jodie ligged out on the sofa watching some annoying American thing.
The homework is to make a trojan horse....and "you can have help" ...which means it's a competition amongst parents to make the biggest, bestest horsey ever. (I know this 'cos I saw what last years parents came up with!)
Yay I thought, this is where the papier mache evening course I did in 1993 finally comes in handy!
Well after cutting my hand to bits on the chicken wire, having all the soggy newspaper fall off everywhere several times and taking all afternoon to not even get the first layer on, my enthusiasm for the stupid bloody thing has diminished.


  1. He hee! This post made me giggle! :) Glad you like my beaver poster, thanks for stopping by to leave a comment - hope your little one enjoys his first sleep over too!! x

  2. Crikey is it life-size????
    My 11 year old has just done her 'mummy' project (bandaging up an old barbie & making a pyramid out of an M&S profiterole box, yum!). Apparently some parents drove their kid's models up to school as they were so large........!
    Nowt like a competitive mum! Have fun xx

  3. omg it looks more like the start of a sausage dog than a damned horse this morning!
    Trying to persuade her to go for a soft toy type horsey instead but she's having none of it!
    I'm preferring your Egyptian type thing Mrs C!!

  4. this sounds like a nightmare!!! ooh the things i have to look forward to ;)

  5. Make sure that you post all your hard work when its finished !!

  6. Ah you've got to keep a low profile being a designer when you've got kids at school. Otherwise you'll end up being the new costume maker extrodinairre! My son had teatowels for his shepherd outfit at Christmas (not a bit of gold lame in sight!)