Friday, 20 May 2011


Well all the names went into the sock and the little man was in charge of pulling out a winner....
The little bee buzzes off to live with......Mrs Cheese!
And Alf will no doubt keep asking all night "Who is Mrs Cheese?" like he has done already about 47 times....
Well done Mrs C, email me your address and he'll bee on his way to you!
Everyone else head over to the ric-rac designs blog to win this cute little fella...


  1. aah couldnt have gone to a nicer cheese!! :)

  2. HI, I love your blog. I am originally from W. Yorks too, found you via Aretmis's blog. These creatures are so cute and the illustrations are adorable. x

  3. Thanks Pop-i-cok for the recommendation on your blog. That is truely nice of you. I have had lots of people stop by and visit me which is super great. Have a good relaxing weekend x

  4. Congratulations to Mrs. Cheese! And thanks for the recommendation to go over to ric-rac--I'm heading over there now!

  5. Wooooooohooooooooo!
    I'm buzzin'!
    Thank you Alf, you are a SUPERSTAR.
    I'll bee so happy to give the little stripy fella a new home, I'm sure he'll beehive himself!

    (ps any chance you know tonight's lottery numbers? I'm feeling lucky)