Saturday, 20 July 2013

another year another pool

I believe I have mentioned before how every year we buy a new paddling pool... use it twice... leave it out in the hope the sun might shine again...then notice sometime in mid December that it appears to be still in the garden...and in no fit state to ever be used again.
So after the weathermen said, in June, that it was gonna rain for the next 10 years I decided not to bother this year. 
Then just to annoy said weathermen the UK suddenly experiences the best weather in like a million years. The sun comes out and record temperatures occur. And paddling pools become as hard to buy as sledges are on that day in January when it snows a lot.
Until today.
My lovely sister managed to locate one for us. She arrived this aft with her kids, their swimmers and our shiney new paddling pool. 
I will gloss over the fact that the sun didn't come out, it was ever so slightly a little bit chilly, the kids argued over the hose pipe and no-one actually got in the damned thing.
We have a new pool. That's all that counts.


  1. that illustration is just me this last 2 weeks, I bought my kids one of those overground pools with a pump,son decided its cold, daughter doesn't like "leaves" in it so i have sat in it in peace every day about 3pm :) no doubt that will end now school has done ;/

  2. Ours is full of dead creatures - flies etc even with a cover on it - takes half an hour with a sieve to get them all out before we can go in! YUK! And to be honest the blue plasticness upsets my garden karma.....

  3. My kids want one for our pup, she doesnt even like water!! and with our table tennis up there is practically no more space in our garden anyway......x