Monday, 8 July 2013

Make Art That Sells

Well, it's over. The course finished yesterday. It was amazing! It really DID brighten up my life! 
I so nearly didn't sign up because it was called "Make Art That Sells". And I already make art that sells.
I thought it might just be for beginners.
How wrong could I be?!!! There were some absolutely fantastic people doing it.
The quality of artwork posted on flickr was beyond brilliant! 
Part A runs again in October. A few people have emailed me to see if they should do it. If you're thinking about it JUST DO IT! Stick it on your credit card like I did! It is soooo much more than just making art that sells. Lilla Rogers is now my official hero. She is a total inspiration. If I was an agent I would be one like Lilla. She is genuinely passionate about what she does and went above and beyond what she had to do for the course. She was always joining in with chats on facebook and was really interested in what people were doing.
I have done things in the last 5 weeks that I'd forgotten I could do. I have painted with real paints using a real paintbrush! And used art supplies that I forgot I owned. I've used photoshop again for the first time in years. I even had to buy a new scanner cos the one I had didn't work with my Mac (which I've had for 3 years!) And I had never even heard of Mod Podge before but managed to use a whole tub!!
I wasn't planning on taking part B. It's got a week on childrenswear and kids decor. I thought there wasn't much point learning about that...I could run my own flipping course on it! But for me MATS hasn't really been about making art that's been about making art that I enjoy making. It's all about the joy folks! So you know what? I think I'm gonna stick part B on my credit card too! Anyone care to join me?


  1. yipee go for it, imagine you may have even more fun.

  2. Reckon I will just join you there Mrs, can't imagine missing out on all the fun!

  3. Well done top chick - pleased you got so much out of it.

    1. need to do it! It's ace!! Get yourself signed up!!

  4. You've done amazing things, Dawn, and knowing how much you've got out of it and how good you already are, it's very tempting to join in - I could definitely do with the inspiration. I think I'm going to wait for while though, so hope it's around next year too! Enjoy Part B and well done for achieving such loveliness xxxx

  5. You should defo do it Michelle! Trouble is all my normal jobs just seem really dull now. xx