Sunday, 21 July 2013

pet advice

A note to anyone thinking of buying a pet. Do NOT buy a cockerel. Not unless you live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours and you just have trees and fields and pretty stuff nearby. 
And especially don't buy a cockerel if it's the hottest summer for years and the people who live down your street can't sleep without opening their windows. It will just make them tired and grumpy. Thanks.


  1. oh dear what were your neighbours thinking!! clearly they weren't!! x

    1. Clearly not Tracey! My brother in law thinks it's hilarious...he even paid 69p to download an app for his phone of a cockledoodledoo noise and he keeps phoning me up to play it! It's driving me mad!

  2. I know the answer...You need to buy Alfie a drum set, to drown out the chicken squawks! :-)))