Monday, 8 July 2013

week 5... gift

So for week 5 we had to design a zipper pouch. It had to be 'hyper lush' and full of imagery. Based on our "collection".
I decided to base mine on bits of tourist tat collected on my travels. (Yay! I am a collector after all!)
I used Photoshop for the first time since I ditched it in favour of Illustrator a few years ago. Who knew you could use Photoshop AND Illustrator at the same time?! (Well actually I did, I just never really bothered!)
I used scanned in bits of tickets and passport stamps and some flowers from week 2.
And I stuck a photo of the other half on a donkey in for good measure! It was taken in the Isle of Man in the 70's. 
He doesn't look like that any more...