Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Well...it's the final week of LillaLand.
For this week's mini assignment we have to get our collections out and draw them or photograph them or scan them. Or all of the above.
Er...slight problem. I don't actually have a collection. 
I don't collect anything.
It's kind of shocking.
All the other people on the course have these amazing collections of vintage toys and retro plates and fossils and all kinds of antique memorabilia. 
But not me...
The kids collect all kinds of crap so I suppose I could borrow a load of headless Polly Pockets? Or 3,000 toy cars? Or stuff they buy for a pound 'cos they HAVE to have it? Their collection of playmobil people without any "hair" is quite impressive? And the other half has a loft full of football programs? Or about 2,000 bird books I could borrow... 
 I DO have a load of bangles...I suppose that could be a collection? But even they are quite dull. Their colour range appears to be somewhat limited.

My mum said I could borrow her collection of fridge magnets. (I don't think she really meant to collect them actually....she just bought one once and now when anyone goes anywhere that's what she gets as a prezzie!)
So I thought perhaps I'd just go in the garden and 'collect' some leaves and stuff...
Then I remembered THE DRAWER. Everyone has one of those. The drawer of tat that doesn't really have a home so it sits about for a bit till it gets in the way then it goes in THE DRAWER.
Maybe I'll use that as my collection?  
We find out tomorrow what we have to do with our collection...I'll keep you posted...


  1. ah I have my own drawer of tat, birthday candles, old keys,3d glasses,batteries etc etc. I do like the things that cost a pound though ;) Im thinking of doing part B - undecided at the mo.

    1. Jess I just found a new collection!! Down the back of the sofa! 2 socks, one pair of undies (the little kid's not mine!!) 3 nerf bullets and NO cash! x

  2. love the drawer of tat best.x

  3. I collect wellies - have loads of them buy them all the time - tell me your brand and I'll tell you about them! Good job I'm not doing that course cos all my wellies are black - very dull! PS Pleased the undies weren't yours....