Sunday, 14 July 2013

big day out

I had a fabulous day out on Tuesday.
I went to London to meet Lizzie Mackay
I feel like I've known her like forever but actually we had never met in real life before. 
We used to share the same agent but never had any contact till he went bust last Christmas...after that we spent many happy hours moaning to each other on the phone and by email. She's now my bestest work buddy.
So you see, every cloud has a silver lining. We lost loads of hard earned cash but made a new friend.
Anyway...I went on the train (all grown up stylee on my own with a magazine and no kids) and we met in Covent Garden. Did lunch alfresco, cos it was red hot, and pretended we were in Milano. Went to Paperchase. Stayed there all day. And laughed. A lot. All day.
Next time we're gonna stay overnight. And we're thinking Paris. 
Do they have a Paperchase there?... 


  1. aww that's such a cute story, and I love lizzie's work :)

  2. Ha Ha, which one is me! Oh you are so lovely Dawn...Straight back at ya girl, it was a fab day and I'm so glad we get on so well in 'real life'! It was just like meeting up with someone I've known for years. Can't wait for Paris, and then after France, New York!! And then after New York, Hawaii! (I'm sure there'll be a Paperchase there by then) (oh and thanks Jennie above for your lovely comment!) :-) xxx

  3. No no no come to Brighton next time and meet me too and we can drink cocktails/pints by the sea!!!! XXX

  4. Aw Dawn, that's lovely! I sensed that you and Lizzie had a special connection on our MATS course! How fab for you two - enjoy :-)