Monday, 22 July 2013

designer X factor

Everyone who did the MATS course was automatically entered into the Global Talent Search. It's like the X Factor for people who draw pictures and colour them in. But without Simon Cowell. (Although I'm sure that once he hears about it he'll get himself involved)
Round 1 closed today. You had to design a journal cover for Paperchase based on the theme "playground".
I decided to sew mine cos that's what I'm good at....spent hours putting it together...sewed most of it by hand...with a bit of printing...worked on a night after the rest of my work...finally finished it...
The big one said "it looks like everything else you do, it's a bit boring"

She was right.
So I started again!

This time I did a bit of the old CollagePaintScan thing I'd forgotten I could do. Then finished it off on Illustrator.
So here's what I submitted...
Loads of people who did MATS have posted their entries on the facebook page...there are some really amazing ones! Only 50 people can go through to the next round though. Glad it's not me deciding...


  1. Oh my gosh I'm in love with these designs! I kinda like the first one better but the second is awesome too! LOVE LOVE your work!!

  2. The first one's not at all boring mad woman! LOVE them both! Paperchase, if you're out there, Dawn is awesome! X :-)


  4. I agree they are both fantastic, I think the second one is more paperchase, loving the dark background with tonal flowers so so cute! I would buy it if i saw it for sure ;-) xxx

  5. Lovely lovely lovely...x I love them both !

  6. Both of them are BRILLIANT!!! x

  7. Wow...really amazing, great work ! Maike

  8. Absolutely delightful! Good luck with the GTS :)

  9. So cute, good luck, I can't wait to see who goes through, roll on August 1!